World-Class Gastronomy

That place in the Village where families and friends dwell happily
 over an unparalleled selection of Mediterranean, artisan food

We Like Traditions

In the bustling charm of local communities, far from the impersonal competition of the High Street, we plant our flag with a heartfelt declaration of taste and authenticity. The core of 63 delis unfolds in an all-day offer, a handcrafted embrace of artisanal food & drinks, a commitment to world-class excellence that rivals the opulence of city centres. Our passion is rooted in the culinary traditions of biodiversity-rich Mediterranean lands, those time-honoured flavours that draw souls from across the world to partake in a shared feast of excellence. Working in harmonious collaboration with residential developers, we sculpt our offer to resonate with the pulse of local life, forging connections that transcend mere sustenance.

Our recipes whisper tales of traditional kitchens, where small producers craft with love and skill, shaping ingredients that find their final flourish in our restaurants. A dance of flavours, guided by the deft hands of our trained staff, each dish a celebration, a reunion with something familiar yet extraordinary. We believe in the communion of food and community, in finding those passionate lovers of conviviality right where we serve, connecting people and places in a tapestry that tastes like home, but feels like a journey. With 63 delis, we invite you to a table where every meal is a cherished tradition, and every tradition feels like a warm welcome.

​Our Sites

The Acater at the Royal Arsenal

Discover 'The Acater', this culinary haven at the Royal Arsenal Riverside, a charming historical site dating back to 1671, tastefully transformed into a blend of homes and hospitality, where history meets modern living.    

Savour artisanal delights and traditional Mediterranean dishes, all crafter with love and flair. A place where community thrives and food inspires.


To be announced

Currently negotiating a site within one of East London's largest and most caveted mixed-use developments   

Site to be announced around Q2 2024  

Under negotiation